Deer Hunter 3D

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Deer Hunter 3D

Deer Hunter 3D is a realistic shoot and hunting game, that you can play online and for free on You can practice your aim with a cool hunting rifle an become a danger for all animals out there. There are three different kinds of game modes, so choose whether you would like to hunt real deers out in the woods, shoot some targets to earn points and money or compete against other shooters to win the title of best hunter world wide.

To shoot, you have to click and hold on the screen, aim carefully with your mouse and let go of the click button whenever you think is the right moment, keeping the amount and direction of the wind in mind. With the money you have earned you can buy helpful bonuses, like stopping the wind or zooming in. Enjoy Deer hunter 3D!

Controls: Mouse


Deer Hunter 3D: Deer ViewDeer Hunter 3D: GameplayDeer Hunter 3D: Sneaky Hunter 3dDeer Hunter 3D: Sniper Shooter

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