Dragon Simulator 3D

Rating: 4.5

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Dragon Simulator 3D

Dragon Simulator 3D is an amazing dragon flying game to walk, run or fly around spitting fire as one of these mythical beasts. Control a dragon and go hunt some animals to feed yourself and your family, and fight warriors who will try to take you down. Complete different types of missions to level up in order to unlock cool features.

You can choose between a fire, ice, nature or air dragon. Each one of them has a unique look and attack, and you can also customize your dragon to make it look just how you want it. Earn coins to upgrade your skills, level up to form a family and become the most feared dragon of all times. Have fun with this free online Dragon Simulator 3D on Silvergames.com!

Controls: Arrows = WASD = move, Mouse = attack, Shift = run, Q = fly, Space = jump / fly up, C = fly down


Dragon Simulator 3D: MenuDragon Simulator 3D: Gameplay Dragon FlyingDragon Simulator 3D: Dragon Fyling SkyDragon Simulator 3D: Dragon Spitting Fire

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