Foreign Creature 2

Rating: 3.5

(9761 votes)

Foreign Creature 2

Foreign Creature 2 is a bloody point-and-click thriller full of horror developed by Belugerin Games. Play as an alien that was sent to the Earth to grow stronger and breed an evil army to take back home. Warning: Foreign Creature 2 contains extreme violence!

This fun point and click game is all about killing everybody around you and getting from one level to the next. Browse the room or your environment for useful objects to click and use against the people around you. Do you think you can think like an alien and make it to the end of this fun action game? Find out now and have fun with Foreign Creature 2, online and for free on!

Controls: Mouse


Foreign Creature 2: MenuForeign Creature 2: Gameplay Fun Point ClickForeign Creature 2: Gameplay Moster AttackForeign Creature 2: Gameplay Police Monster

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