Garage Apocalypse

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Garage Apocalypse

Garage Apocalypse is a fun time pressure point-and-click game about escaping death and you can play it online and for free on You are trapped in a garage with nothing more than a broken car and a gun. While countless undeads head right to you to eat your brains, the only things keeping them out are two fragile doors. Your challenge consists of three different tasks.

Number 1: repair the car to get the hell out of that garage. Number 2: shoot the zombies down. Number 3: repair the damaged doors. You win the game once you have completely repaired the car, so keep task number 1 in mind. You lose the game once the zombies break one of the doors, so keep 2 and 3 also in mind. The key to success in this game is to concentrate and focus as much as possible. Enjoy Garage Apocalypse!

Controls: Mouse = change task / aim gun


Garage Apocalypse: Menu ApocalypseGarage Apocalypse: Gameplay Zombie AttackGarage Apocalypse: Fixing Car Gameplay

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