Give Up

Rating: 3.5

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Give Up

You like a challenge, right? Then Give Up could be your biggest challenge yet. In this game of failure and regret, a sarcastic KI tries to persuade you to just throw in the towel and go home. Give up the fight and just let life roll over you. Why are you still trying and failing to go through the single-screen levels? There are so many dangerous spikes and lasers out to destroy you.

Sure, you have a nifty double-jump ability to get you through the toughest spots, but is that really enough? Don't you want to just give in yet? It is so easy. And you like easy, don't you? You're not one for a challenge. You don'tt have the skills. Or the courage. Or the determination to see things through. Or do you? Really? Start playing Give Up and show that AI ​​who's boss, online and for free on!

Controls: Arrows = Move / Jump


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