Google Feud

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Google Feud

Google Feud is a funny google autocomplete game created in 2013. It's an online trivia game that shows incomplete Google search suggestion with answers pulled from the Google autocomplete API. Have you ever wondered how well you would fare on a game show like Family Feud? Now's your chance with the Google Feud game!

Instead of asking 100 people, this quiz game for kids and adults just use the google search autocomplete function. Guess how the ubiquitous search engine would complete a query based on previous requests. There are four categories to choose from: culture, people, names and questions. Think you can pick all top answers? Find out with Google Feud, a free online trivia game on!

Controls: Mouse


Google Feud: GameGoogle Feud: Guessing Answers GameplayGoogle Feud: Searching WordsGoogle Feud: Wrong Answer

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