Grandpa Horror

Rating: 3.9

(241 votes)

Grandpa Horror

Grandpa Horror is a cool free online first person horror game by Kiz10. It’s just another day in your life as a reporter, until this crazy old murderer catches you and takes you to his asylum. By all means, you want to escape this nightmare, but there’s something wrong inside that creepy place. Find objects and hints to unravel the mystery involving that old bastard and his scary asylum and get out of that horrible place.

You need nerves of steel to make it through this scary game without passing out. Look behind every door and interact with every object crossing your way. You are a curious reporter so find our exactly what is going on in this house of horrow. Turn off the lights and have fun playing this free online Grandpa Horror game on!

Controls: WASD = move, Mouse = view / attack, F = interact with objects, Shift = run, Space = jump


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