Gun Mayhem Redux

Rating: 3.8

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Gun Mayhem Redux

Gun Mayhem returns and so the killer in you needs to become revitalized! Customize your avatar and arm yourself with different weapons to be prepared to fight off all enemies in this arena style shooting game. Start with a tutorial to learn about the gameplay and prepare yourself to eliminate all of your enemies once you enter the game. Play the Simple Al Deathmatch at first and move on to more difficult missions after. You can play by yourself or set up a custom game with up to 4 players.

Test your skills against a series of increasingly difficult challenges and try to get as far as possible. Always pick up new weapons so you can eliminate your enemies even more efficiently. Don't stand to close to the abyss or you will fall down. Don't worry though - you will fall down from the sky and you can get right into this exciting shooting game again. Are you ready for this challenge? Find out and have fun with Gun Mayem Redux, online and for free on!

Controls: Arrows = Move / Jump, Z = Shoot, X = Dynamite


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