Guns N Glory

Rating: 3.5

(52 votes)

Guns N Glory

Guns N Glory is a fun tower defense strategy game, in which you have to control 3 powerful heroes with special abilities in order to protect the towers from waves of attacking enemies. Enter the fascinating world of Guns N Glory and defend your kingdom from the attacks of evil orks. Place them wisely and keep upgrading them.

Who needs vain heroes when you can play bad guys? Position your band of outlaws tactically smart and lurk at the canyon for settlers, stagecoaches and gold transports. Are you bored with static tower defense games or looking for a funky new game? Then Guns'n'Glory is just the thing for you! Enjoy!

Controls: Mouse


Guns N Glory: MenuGuns N Glory: Tower Defense GameplayGuns N Glory: Tower Defense GameplayGuns N Glory: Defending Gameplay Tower

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