Hoop Royale

Rating: 3.9

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Hoop Royale

Hoop Royale is a cool two buttons game to play online and for free on Silvergames.com. If you enjoy basketball and shooting hoops, you will love this game! Controlling and throwing the ball is not fun anymore, today you will get to control the hoop. That’s right, move a round beautiful rubber hoop until you get the floating ball pass right through it.

Jump from side to side in order to reach a ball that will be placed somewhere on the screen. If the ball passes through the middle of you hoop, you will earn one point. Score three points to win a match and win three matches to earn diamonds, which you can use to buy new hoops and balls. Have fun playing Hoop Royale!

Controls: Arrows left / right = multiple jumps


Hoop Royale: Menu Royale HoopsHoop Royale: Rubber Hoops GameplayHoop Royale: 1vs1 DuellHoop Royale: Fighting With Loops

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