Kogama: Human vs Roblox

Rating: 4.3

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Kogama: Human vs Roblox

Kogama: Human vs Roblox is an exciting action game from the KoGaMa universe that you can play online and for free on Silvergames.com. Another installment full of action of the cool multiplayer online shooting game series KoGaMa has arrived, this time, you will find characters from another fun-addicting game: Roblox. Join a team and take part in exciting battles for the victory.

Choose a weapon and shoot down your opponents as often as you can to earn points. Collect coins to buy cool features, like a jet-pack and more. KoGaMa is all about creativity, so feel free to use your classic block shooter to build structures like walls, steps or whatever you want. You can also explore the surroundings and find good spots from where you can easily kill your enemies. Try out tons of cool weapons that you won't find in other games! Enjoy Kogama: Human vs Roblox!

Controls: WASD / Arrows = move, Mouse = aim / shoot, Space = jump


Kogama: Human Vs Roblox: MenuKogama: Human Vs Roblox: Kogama GameplayKogama: Human Vs Roblox: Gameplay ActionKogama: Human Vs Roblox: Gameplay Aciton Fun

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