Offroad Monster Truck Simulator

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Offroad Monster Truck Simulator

Offroad Monster Truck Simulator is a cool monster truck game for those who enjoy power and speed. You can play this racing game online and for free on Enter a huge field completely free of traffic and restrictions and just race around on a monstrous vehicle. There are lots of different monster trucks to choose so just go try them all out! Select if you would rather drive on the beach, on a wide forest surrounded by mountains or on a hilly, rocky field with narrow paths.

Modify some of the features of your simulated truck on the settings and enjoy your ride. Are you ready for some racing fun with a massive truck? Find out and have fun with Offroad Monster Truck Simulator!

Controls: Arrows / WASD = drive, Space = handbrake, C = change camera


Offroad Monster Truck Simulator: Car StuntsOffroad Monster Truck Simulator: GameplayOffroad Monster Truck Simulator: RacingOffroad Monster Truck Simulator: Screenshot

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