Puppet Football Fighters

Rating: 4.3

(592 votes)

Puppet Football Fighters

Puppet Football Fighters is a fascinating combination between fighting games and those football games with the big-headed players we all love so much. You can play this game online and for free on Silvergames.com. What’s your main goal? Knock the crap out of your opponents hitting them with the ball and, for way more damage, scoring goals.

Each time you score, the ball will explode right on the back of your rival’s head, so you should focus on that. You can also throw grenades and more deadly stuff to get your job done faster. So your main objective in this game is to kill your oppenent with skills, do not stop until he is K.O. on the floor! Win matches to upgrade your character and be the ultimate champion of Puppet Football Fighters! Have fun!

Controls: Arrows = move / jump / kick, Space = throw stuff

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