Puppet Wrestling

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Puppet Wrestling

Puppet Wrestling is a funny 2 player fighting game to spend lots of hours of laughter with your best friend and of course online and for free on Silvergames.com. Each player controls a wooden puppet and both are attached by their hands. The main goal is to hit the opponent’s head on the ground or wall until it disconnects from its body.

The bars which show on the top of the screen will tell you how much damage each puppet has received already. Use different kinds of bonuses that will add more fun to the game, like slow motion, upside down screen and more. Enjoy the absolutely funny physics of this game even when the goal of the game is a bit macabre. Invite a friend over and have fun with Puppet Wrestling!

Controls: Left Player = WAD, Right Player = Arrows


Puppet Wrestling: MenuPuppet Wrestling: Gameplay DuellPuppet Wrestling: Gameplay Two Player FightPuppet Wrestling: Battle Duell

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