Race Car Steeplechase

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Race Car Steeplechase

Race Car Steeplechase is a cool one button sports car racing game to compete on lots of tracks with the craziest obstacles. Play this amazing game online and for free, as always on Silvergames.com. Hop on your vehicle and just step on the gas pedal to pass through all sorts of deadly traps.

Huge hammers, spikes, moving walls and high speed are not the safest combination, unless you have that one thing that makes cars appropriate to the human’s impulsive and reckless behavior: brakes. Just tap on the screen to speed up and release to brake whenever something’s on your way. Have fun playing this free online game Race Car Steeplechase!

Controls: Mouse


Race Car Steeplechase : MenuRace Car Steeplechase : Hurlde RaceRace Car Steeplechase : Button Sports CarRace Car Steeplechase : Driving Bridge

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