Ragdoll Volleyball

Rating: 3.4

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Ragdoll Volleyball

The mission of this cool volleyball physics game is to win all matches against 5 other ragdolls to become the new volleyball champion. Control your player with arrow keys and push spacebar to serve. Start at level 1 and defeat your lightly dressed opponent with your own ragdoll. Try to hit the button at the right top corner of the screen to make a gearwheel appear and make your opponent's life harder, as she won't be able to move freely on her side of the field. Also, she might get trapped in it and die on the spot.

The violent turn in this otherwise pretty funny game is the sharp net right in the middle of the field. Falling on it will spike your body on top of this spear and trap you right there. You might bleed to death if you don't plan your jumps well, so it's better to keep a safe distance from this deadly weapon. Have fun with Ragdoll Volleyball online and for free on Silvergames.com!

Controls: Arrow keys = move, Spacebar = serve


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