Rock Paper Scissors Online

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Rock Paper Scissors Online

Rock Paper Scissors Online is a fascinating virtual version for 2 players of one of humanity’s most played games ever. It has finally arrived in the gaming world of the web, so there’s no need to play the boring real life version anymore swinging your hands around like some primitive monkeys. You can play this game online and for free on Now, you have the perfect background music, a life points bar and the coolest graphics ever with cartoonish style.

There are only three options: rock, paper or… you guessed it, scissors! So there are just three buttons for each player. You can play against a friend on the same computer or challenge the CPU to see if you have what it takes to master this amazing discipline. Have fun playing Rock Paper Scissors Online game!

Controls: ASD = player 1, Arrows = player 2


Rock Paper Scissors Online: MenuRock Paper Scissors Online: Gameplay LuckRock Paper Scissors Online: Rock Paper Scissor GameplayRock Paper Scissors Online: Gameplay 1 Vs 1

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