Speedy Golf

Rating: 4.2

(32 votes)

Speedy Golf

Speedy Golf is a fun addicting golf game to prove your skills online and for free as always on Silvergames.com. Try to hit the ball with the perfect power and direction to finish every hole with as less hits as possible. You can choose the club you want to use for every hit and even see your caddy’s advice.

There’s certainly no sport as relaxing as golf, as you play on a deserted field listening to the birds singing on a sunny day. That’s why this game is as relaxing as fun, so be ready for a couple of hours of golfing. Have fun with Speedy Golf!

Controls: Mouse


Speedy Golf: Gameplay GolfSpeedy Golf: Golf Ball FlyingSpeedy Golf: Stroking Golfball GameplaySpeedy Golf: Swinging Power And Spin

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