Stickman Fighter

Rating: 3.9

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Stickman Fighter

Stickman Fighter is a cool reaction fighting game with a skillful thin fighter and plenty of sharp weapons. Watching little stickmen fight barehanded like super skillful warriors performing cool combos is just epic. Even more awesome is to be the one in the middle who kicks everyone’s ass. In Stickman Fighter, an amazing fighting game, you have to act really fast to throw punches and kicks in perfect timing to avoid getting beat up by hundreds of enemies. Clear levels to earn money and buy lots of upgrades to become unstoppable.

There are different kinds of enemies, so don’t underestimate them and use your special attacks wisely. You have to collect kills to upgrade to new and more powerful weapons. Always watch your back and never make the mistake of thinking that you're safe. There are countless enemies just waiting for you to fail in order to kill you and make you lose the match. Enjoy Stickman Fighter, a free online game on Silvergames!

Controls: Arrows left / right


Stickman Fighter: EpicStickman Fighter: FightingStickman Fighter: GameStickman Fighter: Ninja

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