Sugar, Sugar 3

Rating: 3.3

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Sugar, Sugar 3

Are you in a need of a sugar rush? Play Sugar, Sugar 3, the latest installment of the sweet physics-based brain teaser by Bart Bonte. Draw a path to the cup and watch how the sweet white chrystals tickle down into it. Try to fill up all vessels without wasting anything of the sugar. This game is highly addictive so you better get started right away. Each level will become more difficult and challenge you with new rules and tasks, so this definitely never gets boring.

At some point cups with different colors will appear and you'll have to make each sugar piece roll through a color transformer and then transport it into the right cup. Wait for the exclusive cups to come up, where one sugary thing with the wrong color will have you start all over again. Are you ready for this sweet adventure? Have fun with Sugar, Sugar 3 online and for free on!

Controls: Mouse


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