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2 Player Boxing Games are cool fighting multiplayer games, which you can enjoy together with your friends. Throw punches like crazy and knock out your opponent in one of these realistic battle simulators. Challenge your best friend in a boxing ring and compete against each other, playing on one computer. Take part in the box matches, beat your opponent, learn new attacks and much more. Choose your combatant and make him dodge punches and move like a professional. Combine attacks to get more points, complete missions and unlock the achievements.

Boxing is a combat sport, where athletes indulge the fight taking place in a square ring. Boxers are easily recognizable by the big protective gloves they wear during encounters. Learn all four punches and you are ready to go. Jab, cross, hook or uppercut, which one will lead your stickman or ragdoll fighter to the victory? In some of these boxing games, you will have to play a role of a real brutal boxer, in some other games you will meet funny cartoon characters.

We have a great collection of only the most fun addicting Free Online Boxing Games For Two Players for you to play as well as other addicting online games including Boxing Physics 2, Real Fighting, Drunk-Fu: Wasted Masters and many more! Just choose one of these amazing 2 player games and start beating your opponent or try to hit a helpless rabbit as many times as possible. These and much more challenging levels are waiting for you so start playing right now. Have fun playing free online 2 Player Boxing Games on Silvergames.com!

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