Alien Games

What are Alien Games?

Alien Games are mostly shooting and space adventure games where a player controls an alien or fights against the extraterrestrial beings. Join a free multiplayer alien vs predator fighting game and shoot at the monsters with all kinds of weapons. Play as an armed soldier of a space force commando and defend your base against the invasion of ancient aliens. Attack an alien nest and destroy all life if the dangerous creatures try to escape. Or simply play one of our free alien games for kids online and relax! 

The truth is that has collected the best online alien games for you to play. Here you can enjoy alien shooter for free and explore space with a battle spaceship. Play the best alien arcade or board games and show the extraterrestrial life how to handle deadly weapons. Fight until the last alien is dead and lead the human race to victory.

Here you can find the best new alien games, that allow you to travel in spaceships and have huge space battles. No need to be scared, even if some aliens may be scary. You can play our games for free online from the safety of your home. Some allow you to shoot at them, other let you play extraterrestrial creatures conquerors that turn mankind into their playthings. Our ultimate alien games promise to be a lot of fun!

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