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What are Apple Games?

Apple Games are delicious shooting, puzzle and reaction games that are all about the fresh and crips fruit everybody loves. Ever since Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge, the apple has been a popular fruit amongst all human kind. So there is no reason why there should not be a whole category for it. There are many match 3 puzzle games, and great shooting games. Can you aim as well as Wilhelm Tell, who shot and apple standing on his son's head? Luckily in our great online games you don't have to risk lifes to have shooting fun, so what are you waiting for?

Start with the classic Apple Shooter, a fun archery game where you have to shoot an apple off the head of a friend. This online shooting game was clearly inspired by the legendary archery champ Wilhelm Tell. To become a marksman takes strength, poise, power and grace. As Apple Shooter will show, it also takes an endless list of volunteers willing to balance an apple on top of their head. Play the remastered version and try your skills as an indian warrior. Try not to kill your friend or it might turn into a violent blood bath. Set the perfect direction and power, each time you hit the apple, you’ll step a bit further, so it gets harder each time.

If you want less action, play one of the fun match 3 games, like Fruita Crush. Your objective is to remove all fruits from the plate. You must match at least three fruits of the same kind to squish them. Think smart because the number of your moves is limited. Use booster get rid of much more fruits as you try to combine booster to cause a mega crush. You are into cooking and cutting? Then try Katana Fruits, a fast-paced reaction game inspired by Fruit Ninja. Your mission? Cut as many fruits as possible and avoid touching the bombs. You'll find plenty of game genres in our great compilation of Apple Games, so start right away and have fun, online and for free on!

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