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What are Bar Games?

Bar Games are probably one of the most merry games that you can find online. Do you want to go where everybody knows your name? Then you've come to the right place here with these Bar Games! The lapsing teetotalers here at have sobered up and went out to find the best, most entertaining and addictive free online games that this category has to offer.

A bar generally refers to an establishment that offers beverages of some sort, most often alcoholic. Serving beer, wine, cocktails and sometimes even spirits. The person serving drinks and mixing them, if need be, is generally referred to as a bartender. They are usually responsible for creating and inviting and relaxing atmosphere for patrons to enjoy. Regular customers tend to have a running tab of drinks ordered, that they pay at specific times. In these games you will have to both serve as a barman or barwoman, mixing drinks according to the guest's requests. But you may also have to keep an entire business in shape, of which the bar is only one small part. Keeping the inventory stocked and your customers happy will be your main goal. Whether you do it with or without alcohol is up to you.

So slap that towel over your shoulder like Sam Malone and get to working! These shot glasses won't clean themselves, you know? With these bar games you get to live through the joy and stress of running a small business, frequented by drunks and dullards. There are fun games here like Bartender, Frenzy Bar, Nightclub Tycoon and many more. Enjoy!

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