Bob The Robber Games

Cat-burgling is not just for hardened criminals anymore! Thanks to the Bob the Robber Games you can experience the thrill of sneaking around in somebody else's home and taking whatever seems valuable. The law-abiding citizens here at are shocked to find you're interested in such an unseemly activity, but have collected a number of games here to warn you of the dangers of breaking the law. Surely no good will come of it!

These Bob the Robber games are puzzle platformers in which you have to lead the eponymous Bob through the halls and rooms of a guarded home, and steal everything that isn't nailed down. Locks aren't a problem for you, those can be picked with ease. Safes barely last more than a few seconds against your nimble fingers. Even guards and cameras can be tricked and avoided. You just need to plan ahead, think on your feet and react quickly. That's a sure fire way to score the maximum amount of money and reputation points in each level.

If you feel a little queasy about being a burglar, don't worry. These free, online games are all just silly digital playthings. They don't even ask you for a download or a registration. They're a fun little game to play around with and you won't cross any moral boundaries by stealing valuables in the dark. As long as you don't get caught, of course.

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