Buggy Games

Size doesn't matter, they say. And they may be right, as you can tell by our amazing selection of the very best online Buggy Games, here at Silvergames.com! Race across the roughest terrain with your nimble little automobile and collect points for the best stunts you pull off.

A buggy is a small automobile with a light and small body, usually made for off-road driving. It is often sold as a kit, for the buyer to put together themselves or straight up made from scratch. Most people are familiar with a dune buggy, used for driving in sand and beaches. They are made for recreational use mostly. There are also swamp buggies with very wide and thick tires, and ways to move out of swamp terrain and heavy mud.

So strap in, put the pedal to the metal and race across the wild terrain in our fun and exciting Buggy Games. Great challenges and even greater rewards await you!

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Buggy Games


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