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What are Call of Duty Games?

Call of Duty Games are action-packed first-person shooters in which you'll be able to shoot your way through different war scenarios as a soldier. Now it's time to shoot your way through the most challenging and exciting Call of Duty games ever! Here at we have gathered a collection of the best free games based on the famous Call of Duty game series for lovers of exciting shooter action.

The Call of Duty games are a long-established series of games, with a variety of sequels and spin-offs on multiple platforms (including Windows, Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo). Originally these games were set during WW2 in which you shot Nazis as part of the allied forces. As multiplayer games became more popular, so did Call of Duty games and they became known for their focus on fast-paced and exciting action. Several sequels and spin-offs were released: including Modern Warfare, Black Ops and Ghosts. Later editions were set in the present or near future.

Call of Duty became synonymous with first-person shooters all over the world, and even today there are millions of loyal fans who swear by these games. So get ready to shoot people with guns in these fantastic variations of the well-known Call of Duty games. Keep your head down, and your gun ready. Be careful with your ammo, and shoot accurately. But most of all, have fun! Good luck with our collection of the best Call of Duty games, as always online and free on!

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