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What are Cannon Games?

Cannon Games are exciting war, shooting and puzzle games that will make you aim and shoot to win the match. Feel the force of a flying cannon and try to always reach the correct destination in order to cause the most damage or earn as many points as possible. Cannon Games combine a variety of game genres which only share the element of a cannon being shot. You could either end up in a war zone shooting your enemies with powerful guns, try to destroy the antagonistic tower or shoot colorful bubbles in a peaceful puzzle game. Any game with a cannon in it: you can find it here. 

Play one of our vivid bubble shooting games like Bouncing Balls, Bubble Shooter Classic or Bubble Shooter 3 and try to combine as many bubbles of the same color as you can. Match three or more balls and make them disappear to clear the whole screen. If you prefer a more hostile environment, try playing Fortz, a fun two player fortress game, in which you fight each other with air strikes, cannons and other powerful weapons. Defend your base in Sand Castle and try to make all enemy ships sink before they manage to harm your own kingdom. Can you aim precisely and hit your target?

The most violent possibility of shooting a cannon is probably out of a huge war tank. Play the great match-based tank battle game Tanks: Sci-Fi Battle and defeat your enemy by firing powerful bullets at them. ShellShock Live equips you with a little tank and puts you into a multiplayer shooting adventure with a selection of various weapons. No matter if you like to shoot your cannons in a safe, cute environment or a hostile war zone, in our category of Cannon Games you will find what you are looking for. Have fun aiming and shooting those cannons online and for free on

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