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What are Car Building Games?

Car building games are racing and custom games in which you put together an automobile, sometimes including the engine. Our fun online selection of the best top car building games, here at, might remind you of playing with Lego. Piece by piece you are building a new model car. Get behind the wheel and drive across the race track with it at high speeds. Choose the right wheels, motor and suspension to make sure your vehicle makes its way over uneven terrains and highways. Then send your new creation through a free simulator to see how long it will last in the wild.

Our fun and addictive car building games will let you build your dream custom car. If you've grown up playing with Lego, you will surely feel right at home with our best free car building games. Rebuild your favorite model car and test it in one of our top online simulators. Tune it up before you jump in and start racing other race car builders from all over the world. Squeeze everything out of your engine to win the race. 

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