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What are Castle Crashers Games?

Castle Crashers Games are fun destruction games that you can enjoy online on Castles, strongholds and fortifications were all made to eventually be destroyed. With these fun and entertaining Castle Crashers Games, you can help speed up the natural progression of things. Browse through our fun collection and play awesome games like Castle Wars New Era, Castle Defense, Sieger and many more.

In the early days web browser games and mobile games were waiting for the first big success story to shape the genre. It arguably came in the form of Angry Birds, but before that game was a fun little game all about crashing castles. You throw stones, cannonballs and all sorts of projectiles at a rickety castle and watch it all break down. Adjust for wind and distance and make sure you don't accidentally hit some obstacles along the way. Your aim needs to be true, and you need to throw with enough force to make sure the castle actually falls apart before you run out of time or ammunition.

How about you play one of the fun episodes of the Sieger series. Mission of the game is to destroy the castles by smashing its supporting blocks and killing all the defenders inside it. The fewer shots, the better! So don't hesitate to try your hand at some architectural re-arranging of the medieval type and play these free, online Castle Crashers Games. And don't worry, you don't need to register or download anything. Just have fun!

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