Choice Games

The assumption of free will is the basis of our civilisation. If we are not free in our decisions, we can't be held responsible for making those decisions. To show this principle in action, we here at have put together the most challenging and brain-teasing Choice Games you can find for free online!

Most games resolve around making choices. Sometimes we have to make them in the fraction of a setting as enemies are swarming us. Sometimes we have time to deliberate where to place an important strategic structure on the map. And in yet other games we get to be involved in exploring a story. Adventure games - as they are often called - focus on these kinds of interactive decision spaces. Which path will you choose to lead your protagonist to the successful resolution of their story?

Puzzle your way through the book-like plot of these choice games and see what payoffs you will receive. Weigh all your options and choose wisely, you may need to figure out which drinking tool is actually the cup of a carpenter. Have fun!

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Most Played Choice Games