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What are Combat Games?

Combat Games are fighting, shooting and generally action games on the ground and in the air. They are generally set in a war in the modern era, with may online games set in WWII. You will find yourself shooting enemy soldiers, fighting in close combat or even piloting ships in space. These fun and addicting online combat simulators here at are all about thrilling excitement. Fight for glory and victory in hand to hand combat, before the enemy can beat you.

Start with Tank Trouble, a fun multiplayer game about those little tanks that shoot bouncy bullets. Control a tank through a labyrinth and try to shoot your enemies before they get you. Keep in mind the bullets bounce off the walls, so think twice before you start shooting around like a maniac or you may kill yourself. Or how about Combat 5, a pretty cool and modern multiplayer first person shooter similar to Call Of Duty. Pick and join a room to play in different maps and different game modes. You can join teams or just play free for all and shoot the crap out of your opponents, your main goal is to kill the enemies to become the leader of the match.

These combat games let you experience realistic battles and defend yourself against attacks from the air and sea. Simply mow down your naval opponents for the fun of it! This genre is popular thanks to classic games like Counter-Strike, Unreal Tournament or Call of Duty. Pursue your strategy with the help of large caliber guns. It's time to blow a hole into everyone and everything that stands in your way. Have a taste of fun and carnage in these awesome, free combat games. Much fun!

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