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What are Crossroads Games?

Crossroad Games are fun traffic control, driving and vehicle simulation games that always have the wheels turning and the engine howling and you can play them online and for free on You don't need a driving license in the virtual world to be a pro at driving and a master of traffic management. Just hop in the car and pass one crossroad after the other without causing any accidents. Or control the entire traffic on one crossroad by telling each car when to drive and when to stop. Are you ready for this responsible task or are you going to end up causing a massive traffic disaster?

Start with the supreme discipline and try Airport Madness, a fun-addicting air traffic control game, where you are in charge of the airport management and have to control all takeoffs and landings. Beware of any frenzy actions around the airport and avoid crashes. If you are more into vehicles on the road, try Railroad Crossing Mania, where your task is to control the boom barriers on a level crossing full of cars, buses and trucks. US Traffic in another cool traffic management game, in which you have to control a big American highway crossroad, guide vehicles with your mouse and make sure all the cars pass through without incident.

Move by foot and try to survive in Jaywalking, a funny highway traffic survival game. Your mission is simple: Get as many stick figures across the street as you can before a car catches them and sends them to heaven. You want to sit behind the wheel yourself? Then play Street Racing Mania, a frantic driving game with the player in the role of a hit-and-run driver. Buy a car, jump behind its wheels and rule the streets. You have to race like crazy to gain cash, buy upgrades and more super cars. There are plenty of fun games here on that are all about the craziness of a busy crossroad, so start right away and have fun playing them online and for free!

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