Design Games

What are Design Games?

Design games are drawing and construction games in which you engineer new types of cars, arrange the interior of a home or try your hand at fashion. Here at we have collected the best free online video games about design so you can train and develop your designer skills. Play our fun and addictive design games and discover your own solution to the challenge in each level. But it's not all just machines and furniture. There are also makeover games that let you put together new outfits from a wide range of clothes.

Like in most free video games you will be faced with a fun challenge in each level that you have to solve. Use your best design skills to engineer an automobile or car that will safely get you to home base. If you prefer a more creative expression, you can look at our design games dealing with fashion. Try coming up with a change of clothes for our top makeover characters. You can even organize an entire room with the help of some interior decorating. Our top online design games will make you feel like a real-life designer full of inventive ideas.

Most Played Design Games