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What are Desktop Games?

Desktop Games are funny racing games for you to play on your desktop and have endless hours of fun. We collected more than 20 games about your desk in the office like Desktop Tower Defense Pro, Desktop Racing, Desk Rally and many more free online games. Just browse through our cool collection of the best Desktop Games and have fun.

You always wanted to race with miniature cars on your desktop? Or maybe you prefer to take part in some epic Tower Defense Battles on your desk? You can also control a tank and shoot your enemy's tanks to throw them off your writing table. Play Car Eats Car Evil Cars,  another sequel of the fun-addicting side-scrolling game series with the wheeled characters. After the poor, hard-working cars have been imprisoned for being too old and rusty, you need to help them escape.

Another fun one is Desktop Racing 2, a super fun driving game. Are you awesome with automobiles? Challenge your driving skills in Desktop Racing 2, the new sequel of the cool driving game. Flip your toy car and race it incessantly and as skillful as you can across your whole desk. So what are you waiting for? Have fun with our great selection of the best Desktop Games!

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