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What are DIY Games?

DIY Games are great crafting games where you can do it yourself instead of getting professional help. DIY stands for the English phrase Do it Yourself. Conversely, this means trying your hand at amateur crafts like repairing, improving, reusing or making. Why hire a painter when you can just try it yourself? This is not about craft perfection, but about giving free rein to your own creativity and simply trying it out.

The "Do-it-Yourself" movement originated in England in the 1950s under the influence of the "Arts-and-Craft" movement and has since conquered the entire world. The movement embodies self-empowerment, improvisation and initiative by simply learning things self-taught. To that end, countless how-to videos exist online these days, and even TV shows promote the DIY approach. Whether it's DIY, textile processing, gardening, painting or cooking - everyone is the architect of their own luck and can try their hand at anything.

Here at we have collected the best online DIY games where you can design your own iPhone, make custom slime, craft your own Fidget Toy or dye a t-shirt, among other things. There are no limits to your creativity here and no one can do it better than you, because the only motto here is: do it yourself! Have fun with our fun selection of the best DIY Games, online and free on!

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