Earth Games

What are Earth Games?

Earth Games are interesting science games, universe simulations and great puzzle and action games that you can play online and for free on Are you interested in how the world works? Then play these great Earth Games about land, air, water and life and learn new fascinating details about science. We collected the best and most intriguing Earth Games for you to play online.

Start with Solar System Simulator, a great scientific game and a simulation of our part of the universe. Enjoy this great online 2D/3D Simulation of sun and planets. Solar System Simulator is an educational game that shows different facts about our galaxy and the planets in it. Another fun one is Little Alchemy 2, the sequel of a fun scientific puzzle game. Little Alchemy is back with some new discoveries for you to make. Combine different elements to create new ones.

If you want more action, then play Earth Taken 3, a post-apocalyptic action-shooter made by SeethingSwarm. There are very few people on the earth but you survived. Escape and kill as many aliens as possible. Keep and eye on your radiation level and take anti-rad meds with X to reduce your rad count. There are more Earth Games like Doodle God, Doodle Devil, The Scale of the Universe and many more. Much fun!

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