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Engineering Games are building and construction games where the player constructs or operates structures, machines or systems. Design a mechanical robot or use robotics to create new awesome flying creatures. Help an engineer to build a new airplane and let it fly. Try one of our free educational engineering games or just relax in a engineering game for kids.

Engineering is a mixture of a wide range of disciplines to create complex machinery to serve specific functions. Using physical sciences, maths and a wide range of materials to create something practical is what engineers are good at. These engineering games will let you tackle interesting puzzles and challenges and ask you to build a machine to overcome them. Will you be clever and wily enough to succeed? You may need to think outside the box, find smart uses for the blocks you find and need to bring some real ingenuity to the table to win.

Construct buildings and bridges, or destroy them. These fun and interesting online engineering games allow you to be as creative and as destructive as you want. Don't forget that every one of these games is free, and can be played without downloads or registration. Have fun!

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