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Evil Games are shocking horror games, point'n'click adventures and nerve-wracking survival and platform escape challenges that enable you to be on the bad side and fight for the evil. Being evil means doing morally bad things and causing harm or injuries to someone, do you have that in you? Or do you prefer to stand on the good side and fight against the evil creatures? You can also do that, just choose your side and pick one of our great Evil Games to play them online here on Silvergames.com.

Here in our evil games you can be an undead zombie who scares people covered in blood and then turns them into zombies too. Or would you rather be a nasty little devil who makes his way from hell to earth to take some lost souls with him? Alternatively, you can take on the role of a zombie nun who searches for victims in the abandoned monastery to strangle with her bare hands.

If you'd rather be the good hero, you can do that too, just choose your side and pick one of our great evil games to play online here at Silvergames.com. Where there is evil, there is also good. So choose your side and be the hunter or the hunted. There are more spooky evil games, like Granny's Mansion, Doodle Devil, Knife Hit Horror and many more. Have fun with our spooky collection of the best evil games, as always online and free on Silvergames.com!

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