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What are Explosion Games?

Explosion Games are different kinds of highly flammable and badass games that all involve one super loud bang. Do you think you have the nerves to defuse a bomb before it explodes into your face? If you just want to witness some fun explosions without taking the risk of harming yourself, you can also control them from a safe distance. Have you ever imagined how fun it would be to just bomb a whole bridge and make it burst into pieces? No matter what kinds of explosions you are looking for, you will find them here, in our great collection of the best Explosion Games, online and for free on Silvergames.com. 

Start with Defuse The Bomb, an addictive bomb defuse game. A bomb is about to explode and you have to cut some cables and disarm it before it blows up. In this free online game, you need to read a short manual to learn how this explosive device works, before you can start thinking about touching anything. Or how about TNT Bomb, a cool destruction strategy game. Your goal is to blow the hell out of all objects laying on the platforms. You can burn boxes, push boxes down or crush them into pieces, but what matters is that the platforms are cleared once you are done with your moves.

Another fun Explosion Game is called Shoot Em and it is a funny stickman torture game. Your goal is to Shoot'em using over 30 different weapons and explosives. Choose your weapon, torture the stickman and earn as much money as you can. It is not as easy as it seems. Stickman will dodge and run to stay alive and if weapons don't work anymore, just use your hand to slap and hit the figure. There are more fun games like Bomb It, Dynamite Train, Boombox Inc, Short Life and many more. Just browse through our collection and choose your favorite one. Have fun!

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