Extreme Games

What are Extreme Games?

Extreme Games are free racing and sports games featuring dangerous and adrenaline inducing activities. Play a fun racing game and ride a cool dirt bike. Escape a haunted house full of scary monsters. Perform cool stunts and rush through amazing 3d environments. Invite your best friend or compete with other players in our online extreme games for kids and adults on Silvergames.com

Play free extreme games online if you feel bored and need some adrenaline rush. Here you can become a professional stuntman without risking your life. Try to survive under harsh conditions or in the city full of dinosaurs. Race through uneven terrain and demolish your vehicle performing extreme stunts. Play a cool dating simulator game and get as many numbers as possible. 

In our online extreme games for free, you will have fun doing the most dangerous things in the world. Play with knives and fire but don't get scared. Guide your character through every level overcoming deadly traps and obstacles. Try to complete challenging missions without getting killed.

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