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What are Hexagon Games?

Hexagon Games are puzzle and strategy games that are played with hexagonal tiles or on a hexagonal board. The simple six-sided shape allows for different tactical challenges in our best fun hexagon games, here at Silvergames.com. It is often associated with war games but has also found use in many free online IO games. Place tokens on a tile, collect power-ups or simply blast hexagonal shapes to pieces in our addictive hex challenges. Get your fix on sophisticated gaming challenges without clearing your entire table for it with our free new hexagon games.

Play Hex Empire, an easy to play strategy game. Fight for map supremacy by conquering other empires and defending your own. Each turn use your 5 commands to move your units up to 2 squares. Or how about Superhex.io, a cool multiplayer online IO game inspired by Splix and Slither.io. Your objective is to conquer the hexagons on the map by closing it with your colored trail and connect it back to your existing territory. But be careful, if another player touches your trail you will loose and start all over again.

Tactical decision-making and strategic forethought are the hallmarks of a deep and engrossing gaming experience. With our fun and addictive hex-based games you get to puzzle over long-term consequences of your actions. Plan maneuvers and engineer opportunities to win the board. Play our online hexagon IO games to go up against the best players from all over the world. Fight wars over small hexagonal tiles and score points for ever battle you win. Our new and addicting hexagon games will let train your gaming skills by putting ever increasing challenges before you. Have fun!

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