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What are Hulk Games?

Hulk Games are fighting and destruction games about the famous Marvel superhero. In our top selection of the best free Hulk games, here at, you take on the role of the incredible green beast ready to smash evil. Our fun online Lego Hulk games are especially suited for kids. Adults get to challenge Marvel villains like Red Hulk or the Abomination instead. Play our awesome new total destruction games and demolish an entire city.

Play Incredible Monster, a cool fighting game in which you control no one other than the Incredible Hulk, Marvel’s most brutal superhero, to destroy criminals and monster terrorizing the city. Run, jump and punch you way through the dangerous streets packed with evil attackers and take them down as fast as possible.

As the comic superhero known as the Incredible Hulk, players can punch, kick and smash everything that stands in their way in our addicting destruction games. You will be roaming the streets as a huge, muscular and amazingly strong Lego brute who uses his fists to stop evil monsters like Abomination or even the Red Hulk. Our best new hulk games are free and simple to play, so they're perfect for kids and young adults. Go on challenging missions and fight the good fight as one of the most famous Avengers of all time. Take on evil in our cool and exciting free online games. Much fun!

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