Japanese Games

What are Japanese Games?

The lure of the distant and unfamiliar is just one of the reasons why you should try these Japanese Games from our great collection at Silvergames.com! Immerse yourself in the unusual sense of humour and rich history of Japanese culture.

Sometimes referred to as the land of the rising sun, Japan has a long and varied history reaching back to the 5th century. Most often associated with honorable samurai warriors, delicious sushi dishes and a vibrant popular culture featuring manga and anime, it is also the country that gave the world Akira Kurosawa, Nintendo and Godzilla to name only a few.

So come in and explore the most fun, unusual and unique Japanese Games and dive into challenging competitions, wild action games and crazy gameplay ideas. Play them online and for free right here, without any pesky downloads or registration.

Here you can find some more samurai games and weird games.

Most Played Japanese Games