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What are Jurassic Park Games?

Jurassic Park Games are cool dinosaur simulators and shooter games based around Steven Spielberg's science fiction and adventure movie. Jurassic Park is probably the most popular dinosaur movie of modern times. Nowhere have dinos been portrayed more lifelike and dangerous. Here at Silvergames.com we have gathered the best free Jurassic Park games, featuring almost all the dinos that ever lived.

Whether it's T-Rex, Raptor or Triceratops, with us you'll find a game for almost every dinosaur. Drive a jeep in Jurassic Park and hunt the dangerous and long-extinct reptiles of the Jurassic era or help them survive. You can take on the role of these prehistoric giants in our great simulators and spread fear and terror with your presence. Stomp through a big city and crush everything and everyone that gets in your way.

Take a close look at the giant animals and learn interesting facts about their way of life and much more. They are great for fighting merciless battles. The realistic graphics will take you back to the Jurassic period and give you a unique experience. Have fun with our great collection of the best Jurassic Park games, as always online and free on Silvergames.com!

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