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What are Number Games?

Number Games are free puzzle and educational games for kids and toddlers which include numerals. Go on an epic adventure and try to find all hidden numbers. Choose one of the black and white pictures and start coloring by filling every number with different paint. In the online number games on, you will find cool games for kindergarten children and adults. Most of the games with numerals include pattern recognition, so stay focused. Start matching and comparing cards and pictures with numbers and solve puzzles.

Start with an absolute classic Number Game and play 2048, an addictive math puzzle game. Move all the numbered tiles into one of the four directions of the panel. 2048 online is played on the 4x4 grid. You can choose the direction in which to move the tiles. Or how about another fun game called Make Me Ten? This one is a nice puzzle game about numbers. All you have to do is combine numbers to get the result shown left on the top of the screen. If it's not possible, you get to set the number in the middle strategically where ever you want, in order to combine it later with other ones.

Online Number Games can be both clever math problems and also logic games like Sudoku. Only through the clever use of numbers players are faced with challenges. You might be asked to count, number or calculate on the fly. Add and subtract numbers as the timer runs out to score points. Move numbers of matching value together until you reach the highest. Free number games can also cover classic games like bingo and lottery. Enjoy this fun compilation of Number Games on!

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