Paper Games

What are Paper Games?

Paper Games are digital implementations of folding challenges, drawing tasks and paper airplanes. You can draw on it, and play fun games about lines, barriers and bridges. Use our new online selection of paper games here at to explore the power of your pen to solve puzzles and challenging brain teasers for kids. Get your little stickman character safely out of the level by drawing lines to keep him out of harm's way in our top free paper games. Fold sheets of it into airplanes and send them flying over long distances instead. 

Use a range of pencils to put doodles on sheets of processed papyrus and explore your creativity.  If you're playing with a friend, you can try a friendly game of rock paper scissors to pass the time. Paper is a very durable, if flammable, material that allows for all kinds of uses. It can serve as a blank canvas for creativity or material for toys. Try out all the best crazy paper games right here and enjoy the freedom that those thin empty sheets can bring.

Most Played Paper Games