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Parody Games are funny imitations of famous people that will make you laugh. Some things are so stupid and silly that the only way to deal with them is to make fun of them. That's why here at we have collected the funniest and most hilarious parody games you can find. Of course, you can play them all online and for free.

Parodies are used to ridicule celebrities or cultural events. Usually by juxtaposing them with something that is either very silly or very extreme. In some cases, they are simply combined with disproportionately harsh cartoon violence. Parody games are consistently silly, and sometimes go a little too far to make people laugh. While satire tries to make a point using clever humor, parodies are all about eliciting uproarious laughter by going too far and pushing the boundaries of good taste.

If you like jokes that might be offputting or you simply enjoy twisted and dark punchlines, then these parody games are just what you've been looking for. Add some color to your gray everyday life with the help of some well-placed punches, shots or pop culture silliness. Have fun with our category of the best parody games, as always online and free on!

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