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What are Pin Pull Games?

Pin Pull Games are fun physics-based puzzle games in which you have to trigger a reaction by (re)moving a pin. This sounds like an easy task, but wait until you play one of those fun games and understand the impact, one single pin can have on it's surroundings. Make the water flow, help a lover find the way to his beloved sweetheart, save a poor fish's life by providing water to him or try to transport as many colorful balls as possible into a bucket. All of those selfless actions can be pursued by the simple task of pulling the right pin at the right time at the right place.

Play the classic Pull the Pin, a cool puzzle game, perfect for those who enjoy a brain teasing time out at work, in school or at home. Your goal in this game is to put all the colored balls in the basket. You will lose if a grey one rolls into it, so first you will have to mix them all and then open up their way down. If you are more into liquids, play Water Flow, a fun addicting physics based puzzle game to train your brain. You will see yellow water, a yellow bucket and a large tube in between. Now add different colored liquids and three or four different buckets, with pins you can move or remove to switch the paths of the liquid in order to fill the buckets with their respective liquids. 

If this is not enough action and drama for you, then involve yourself into a real love story by playing Homescapes, a fun puzzle game that challenges you to clear your way pulling the right pins at the right moment. Today you will become a middle aged, bald, amorous guy with suspenders whose only goal in life is to give flowers to some girl who happens to stand on the most difficult places to reach. Pull the right pins to bring those two together and live happily ever after! Are you ready? Choose one of our awesome Pin Pull Games online and for free on!

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