Pony Games

What are Pony Games?

Pony Games are mostly free animal simulator and dress up games for girls featuring little horses. Take care of the cute baby animals or start coloring pony pictures in our games for kids. In our online pony games you can become a princess of all horses in the minecraft like kingdom made of blocks. Play all our games with ponies online and invite some friends.

Play the best pony games online and pick out outfits and accessories to make your four-legged friend happy. Navigate the cute little horses through a series of dangerous levels and make it to the exit. in our free pony games, players can also take a quiz about the popular TV series my little pony. Exciting adventures and adorable characters are waiting for you on our website.

So pick up your favorite, small-scale, saddle and join us in playing free pony games. Ride, explore and score points as you solve tasks on the ground or in the sky. Become a part of a fairytale and help a magical unicorn.

Most Played Pony Games